Sandy Martin, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor

I've logged a lot of hours in an Ercoupe, Grumman Tiger, and BD-4 - always as a passenger. Although I passed the FAA written and took some flight training, I have to say it was never in my book to be pilot in command. I do love flying though. Richard and I have seen some of the most beautiful places in this country, met the most wonderful people, and flown with great friends.

We spent many years at Oshkosh. I can't help but think back on the forums, air shows - my favorite "Masters of Disaster", buying up raffle tickets to get a ride with Kirby Chambliss, spending the day at the seaplane base. All of that made special because of friends - aviation friends.

Richard and I were active in Chapter 200 before moving to Meadow Lake and were so excited that Chapter 72 was right here on the field. There is no better place to be fun and friends!