Mike Jerger, Director

Airplanes and flight had always intrigued me. I built model airplanes as a kid, attended an Air Force school and wore the Air Force uniform in my twenty-something years. In 2002 or so, I was introduced to EAA Chapter 72 and saw there was possibility to get my private license. I do have slightly under a hundred hours as pilot-in-command and a fewcross-country solo flights.

I help mostly in the Chapter as assistant-to-Chief-Cook, help-where-I-can kind of member. When available, I will run the grill for fly-ins, Young Eagles flying days, and the likes.

I currently work at Schriever AFB where I keep computer systems up and running. Every once in a while I will simply park out here at the hangar on Saturdays with a hand-held radio and watch the traffic line up, take off, and land again. With warm weather approaching, don't be surprised if you see me some more.

Bring a folding chair and we can talk airplanes and experiences all day long!