Jim Steward, President

Jim started flying in 1960 at LA Junta Colorado and after earning his Pvt., Comm., Instrument, Multi, and Instructors(CFIA&I) ratings he worked as a full time instructor at Miller Wolf Aero in the 1960’s.  He left the aviation business in the i970’s to start his own heating and air-conditioning business and just recently retired from that industry. He started building a Steen Skybolt while still working in the aviation industry in the 60’d but his business, rising a family, building his own house and other life type events took their toll on the Skybolt project. It wasn’t until his son Mark decided that Dad wasn’t making enough progress on the Skybolt and started working on is as well that the project really took off.  So after 30 years of patiently waiting to be completed the Skybolt finally took off on Sept 9th 1990 for it’s first flight with Mark at the controls.  Jim also towed the gliders and hauled the skydivers at the Air Force Academy in the 60’s flying a turbo Cessna 206 and a C-185. Nine hour days in the C-185 were not uncommon with as many as 50+ launches.  Flying at the academy in those days was a lot of fun and much less stringent than is today.

Jim has been a member of the EAA since 1972 and is a lifetime member.  He has served as Vice President and President of Chapter 72 in the past.