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  Chapter Officers

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Elected Officers


   Jim Steward
(719) 487-9158 (H)
(719) 352-1608 (C)

Vice President

   Scott Benger
(719) 481-4055


  Esther Smith
(719) 637-0876


Sandy Martin
(719) 351-1640

Volunteer Staff Officers

Newsletter Editor
Gary Loyd

Carl Benda

Director at Large
Vann Norred
(719) 229-2150

Bob Hall
Bob Hall
(719) 591-6622

Young Eagles Coordinator
MLAA Facility Coordinator

(Facility Calendar)
Sandy Martin
(719) 351-1640

Flight Advisors are experienced EAA member-volunteer pilots who can advise builders preparing for the first flight of their project. They can assist in evaluating flying skills, developing first flight guidelines and flight test plans, or finding a qualified first flight test pilot, if desired. Flight Advisors have the all the resources of EAA available to assist in the decision making process. Their role is strictly advisory. All decsions regarding a first flight are the responsibilty of the builder.

Burrall Sanders - (719) 660-8650
Jay Brinkmeyer - (719) 963-3408

Technical Counselers are chapter members who have volunteered their services to advise fellow member builders. The tech counselors are builders themselves who have "been there and done that." They can assist in getting over hurdles, give advice on building techniques, or can just be another pair of eyes to catch errors or mistakes. Builders are strongly encouraged to take advantage of their experience.

Engines: Fred Carter - (719) 683-6440
Composites: Burrall Sanders - (719) 660-8650
Electrical, airframe/sheet metal, light composites,
    inspection signoff preparation:
Jay Brinkmeyer - (719) 963-3408