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Chapter Fly-outs

EAA Chapter 72 Fly-outs
The second Saturday of each month has been settled on as tentative fly-out dates. Burrall Sanders, Flight Adviser, has volunteered to plan our future destinations. If you have ideas for destinations, please email him. Our goal with this activity is to have as many members as possible join the fun. To do that, we must try to get all seats filled. Email if you need a ride, we'll try to match up pilots and passengers.

May 14 2011 - Westcliffe (Silver West Airport

Nick trip, started out with sunshine and very smooth air. Vegetation wasn't as green as we'd like but it's expected soon. Chapter 73 was well resprsentated as we helped them celebrate their new hangar, used for breakfast. Great time! The views over there are to die for but then you'll tell for yourself.

Chris Woodard flew his Vari EZE and Sandy down

Behnd us Burrall's Cozy came screaming in with Gary Myers

Lee Wolford flew in his F1 EVO Rocket and wife Joan

Ron Lee flies down in his RV and then leaves with "smoke on"

Got a couple shots of Dub Wiltrout and his RV 6 . The top is when he''s departing with Brian Esch.

Dave Devere deaprting in hi Long Vari Eze

Got a couple shots of Dub Wiltrout and his RV 6 . The top is when he''s departing with Brian Esch.


Pancake Breakfast "Hot Off the Grill: Burrall Sanders, Chris Woodard, Dave Devere , Gary Myers, John Wolford and Lee Wolford

Great was to start the weekend!


Meet Freddie our Chapter flying Mascot

So far, he's been to Pueblo, Sedona, and now Silver West. You can take him next


March 2011 - Greeley_Weld (GXY)

Four experimental aircraft launched from KFLY around 8am for KGXY for breakfast.  Sure enough by 9am the same four experimental planes were either on the ramp or in the pattern at Greeley/Weld County Airport.

First to arrive was Chris Woodard In his newly purchased Vari-Eze.  Followed by Steven Miller in his Christian Eagle biplane.  Joyce Sanders and yours truly arrived thirdly in our CozyIIIx.  Within ten minutes Dave Devere arrived in his Raptor EZ. Don Douglas, a Long-Eze builder/Flyer is based at KGXY joined us for a very good breakfast in the busy and lively restaurant situated on the ramp. After over an hour at the table the group broke up and by 12pm all planes were back in the barn.

February 2011 - Pueblo

Five planes made the fly-out to Pueblo for breakfast on February 12th. In addition to Steve Miller (Christian Eagle), Jim Densmore (Skywagon), and John Lingwall (Hiperbipe), Chris Woodard and Burrall Sanders flew down in their Cozy’s.  Two of our new members, Jim McCormick and Bruce Collins, got to fly down with Jim Densmore in his Skywagon and I hitched a ride with John in the Hiperbipe. Afterwards, Joyce and Burrall went on to Sedona as the rest of us headed home.