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EAA Chapter 72

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We'd like to see everyone come out for a fun day. We'll begin with Young Eagle flights at 8:30 am then move upstairs in the hangar for our meeting and then back downstairs for a potluck lunch. See details of all below.


Young Eagle Rally


Since we've had to cancel the other Young Eagle Rallies this year due to weather, we are all crossing our fingers that this one goes well.



If possible, we would like to have all of the planes at the hangar in time for the pilot briefing at 8:00 AM.


Ground Support

We need at least a couple to come early, about 7:00 AM to help setup. We would appreciate everyone arriving by 8:00 AM for the briefing and assignments.


Take a few minutes to email and let us know if you can help.

Chapter Meeting



Aaron Hollingsworth - Gravity Ride


Have you been finding it hard to get instruction for the Light Sport certificate? Well look no further!


A new LSA operation has moved into Meadow Lake Airport with opportunities for you to get instruction and even join the LSA aeroclub.


The meeting will start at 11:00 AM in the MLAA Hargar (upstairs).


Aaron will take a few minutes to show some highlights of the Quad City Callenger video, discuss the fun

had with ultralight/light sport flying,

and what is being set up with

Gravity Ride.


We'll then move downstairs to join the potluck in progress and maybe see the Challenger in flight.


Please have your dishes arrive at 11:00 AM so that lunch can start at 11:30AM.



Bring your favorite side dish, casserole, salad, or dessert and join us, family and friends for a fun day at the airport. The chapter will provide meat, burgers, brats, hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts and beverages.


Esther Smith will be on sight to organize and if you have questions, please contact by email or phone her at (719) 637-0876.


Members Section



New Chapter Members


Neil Asting

Joseph McCormick

Click on names to see profile.

Have you signed up

for the members group

email list?

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When you are looking for services or products, please support these

chapter members.

See business cards here for:


  • Aviation Medical Examiner
    Jerry Limoge, M.D. 
  • Travel Agent
    Joan Spratford
  • Embroidery
    Jean Jenkins
  • Hangars
    Mark Shook
  • Ultralight Instruction
    Tracy Tomlinson
  • Evan's Aircraft Body Shop


Local Events

EAA Chapter 72 Rocks!

Even though the wind was too strong

for YE Flights in April, these are a

just a couple of the notes

from Esther Smith's class.




Click any of the photos to see the entire gallery.




Well, our first project tour on a Saturday was a big success. Thanks to all the guys who flew over from Springs East and to everyone that opened up hangars and let us see "what's going on behind close doors".


Thanks to John Lingwall for bringing over his tractor and trailer to transport us around the airport.


Thanks also to Bartlett Hay Co for "loaning" us the hay bales to sit on.





Looking for a place to fly? Try the "Coffee Clatch" at Springs East (A50) some Saturday. Check the schedule here.



Pick up your copy of the new Wicks Catalog at the meeting.






Member Project Updates

Click on photos to enlarge


Burrall Sanders' Cozy


Burrall is sporting a new paint job by Gene Kear.



Jay Brinkmeyer RV10 Progress


Engine done at last! Waited a long time to get an A&P to stop by to check and then re-seat the main crank seal as it was leaking all over the place. Then it was short work to attach flywheel and torque the main ALT belt. Attached the cowl so I'd not be tempted to sink more hours into messing around in there for a while.



Keep up with Jay's progress at his website here




Sean Blair - Building RV 7A


After he sold his RV-10, Sean started an RV-7A.


We were all impressed with Sean's work on the RV-10, but this new project is being built at home.


Click here to visit his website and keep up

with his steady progrss.




Meadow Lake

Airport Update:



The new AWOS-3 at Meadow Lake is on the air in test mode. It gives all information, but has not yet been certified. The frequency is 118.45 mhz.


Telephne dial in and computer data will be available in a few weeks.






Click here to go to the new "Classifieds" webpage to find items for sale and those that are wanted.


Chapter Programs On Demand
Many thanks to Unni Pattippara for filming these chapter programs:

February 2008 - Jerry Limoge, AME - "FAA Medical Issues"




The Voice of EAA 72
Meadow Lake Airport - Colorado Springs, Colorado September 2010