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Next Meeting

Tuesday - March 15th

Anniversary Meeting


Let's celebrate 49 years together. Comi ot for the traditional spaghetti dinner started years ago when K.D. Brooks would bring the sauce. We'll be honoring some of our current members with special recognition awards.


With with meeting will be back on the summer schedule - 3rd Tuesday evening.(details)



Message from Sandy


I want to welcome Bruce Collins as your new Secretary and Steven Miller as our new Membership Chairman. Both Mike Jerger and Brent Bidus are working out of the area so I thank these men for stepping up to help lead this organization.


I'm also looking for a Young Eagle Coordinator. Not sure what the job entails? Call me, I'm sure we can come up with a way to transition this very important responsiblity.


We have some work that needs to get done in the next couple months and then a bigger project that can take a little longer. Take a look and let me know where you can help.


Enjoy the rest of this newsletter and I'll see you at the meeting Tuesday.





Young Eagle Rally - Saturday, March 19th

Yes, it's that time of year and oh so much better than 2010 when we had such a late start due to weather. We have about 30 that have confirmed so we'd like to have 7 - 10 planes available. Pilots and ground support please email or call Sandy at (719) 351-1640 if you can help us on Saturday.


Ground Support - Briefing. work assignments, and setup begins at 7:00AM

Pilot Briefing at 8:00AM - Review route, pilot guidelines, and sign paperwork


Flights Launch at 8:30 AM


Thank you so much for your support of activity.



March 2011
Second Saturday flight to KGXY.

by Burrall Sanders



Four experimental aircraft launched from KFLY around 8am for KGXY for breakfast.  Sure enough by 9am the same four experimental planes were either on the ramp or in the pattern at Greeley/Weld County Airport.First to arrive was Chris Woodard In his newly purchased Vari-Eze.  Followed by Steven Miller in his Christian Eagle biplane.  Joyce Sanders and yours truly arrived thirdly in our CozyIIIx.  Within ten minutes Dave Devere arrived in his Raptor EZ.

Don Douglas, a Long-Eze builder/Flyer is based at KGXY joined us for a very good breakfast in the busy and lively restaurant situated on the ramp. After over an hour at the table the group broke up and by 12pm all planes were back in the barn.


I might have been concerned that EZ’s were the only planes that don’t fall off the    edge of the world when more than 50 nm miles from home base, but Steven very handily debunked that theory. It seems his beautiful Eagle is perfectly capable of making the flight. That got me to wondering what it is with all the other planes owned and operated by Chapter 72 members that did not come out for a really nice morning of flying.  Why would they pass on this opportunity?  I was tempted to mention names or types of planes like RV’s Cessna’s, Bonanza’s, Piper’s Lancair’s, Zenith’s, Mooney’s, Yak’s,  and  lots of others, but I won’t mention them because I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Besides, they know who they are.  Maybe they just did not get the word.  Next month we’ll get the word out earlier, but members may bet that on the second Saturday next month there will be another great destination to fly to, weather permitting. The plan will be for a 9am arrival.


We had a great time in February, out first 2011 fly-out (more).


We've settled on the second Saturday of each month as tentative fly-out dates so look for April details soon.


Member Project Updates

Click on photos to enlarge


Lee Wolford's F1 EVO Rocket

by Lee Wolford


I have flown about 50 hours since the first flight. I have checked all systems including the ILS and everything works erfectly. I only had one squawk so far and that was I did not connect a wire from my GPS to the auto pilot so that the AP would fly the GPS “hands off”.


I have had the plane to 325MPH (in a slight descent) and it will cruise at 206 Kts at 12 GPH. I have flown acrobatics, formation, ILS, low approaches, etc and the plane has exceeded my expectations.

Editor note: Check out Lee’s new paint scheme above. Photo on the left was taken after his first flight.



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We're happy to report that Larry Dale is back home and doing well. You'll remrmber that he missed the Holidy Banquet after breaking his ankle. He underwent physical regabilitation where he was a star pupil and now he's home. Be sure to give him a call. He's move to Pete and Nancy's new home but the phone number is the same.





Cozy N14CZ


Nat Puffer finished N14CZ in 1992. It is the 1st plans-built 4 place CoZy, hence the tail number N14CZ. Nat took the plane to Oshkosh for display at his booth for many years until selling it to Aaron Hollingsworth in 2005 with about 800 hours on the airframe. Aaron and 2 co-owners have put an additional 550 hours on the airframe in the last several years. The aircraft has been to all 4 corners of the continental US. The new paint job really makes this project shine.


Work Party - Saturday, March 26th - Parts and pieces of shelving donated by Rocky Mountain PBS are stored in the MLAA Hangar thanks to Richard Martin, John Lingwall, Herb Heaton, Gary Myers, and Jim Stanberry. We'll be setting up the shelving and getting the hangar area organized. Also, we want to prepare the front room downstains by the AWOS as a "Pilots Lounge". Windows upstairs need to be reset and/or other repairs. We need to paint the kitchen and organize and secure our supplies.


Event Display - You will remember that wood airplane what's been in the hangar and we move always move out ot the way? We want to turn that into a display that we can set out for the YE rallies and take to the air show. We need to do some restoration and painting. Let's put "EAA Chapter 72 - Young Eagles" on one side of the fuselage and "Aviation Education Foundation" on the other.

Some of you have already signed up to work on that and sign up sheets will be available at the next meeting.

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"Want to Buy"


I am interested in an older Aeronca, Luscombe, Piper or Taylorcraft, restored and in top condition; or a more recent used American Champion, Luscombe, Taylorcraft or RANS under $75K.  Must meet FAA criteria for Light Sport Aircraft.  If one of your members has such an aircraft for sale, please pass on my contact information.  I am a member of Ellsworth, Kansas Chapter 1127. 


Ron Chandler

2127 Melrose Lane

Salina, KS 67401




Click here to see all of the items for sale on our

"Classifieds" webpage

as well as those items that are wanted.


Please review "Classifieds" webpage and

advise of items that should be removed.


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March 2011