EAA Chapter 72 
      from the desk of Sandy




Meeting -Tuesday, August 16th - Program: 7:00 PM


Workshop:  Bring your canopy or windshield back to its original beauty. 


Matt Springer, Precision Repair Works, will be holding a "hands on" workshop to help you repair your canopy or windshield.  You provide the pieces to practice on and he'll bring the necessary supplies and buffers.  If you have extra, please bring those along to share with others.  


Matt will also be demonstrating his new vinyl and leather FAA approved restoration techniques for your interiors.



RV Builder Fly-in Breakfast - Saturday, August 13th

Jean and Loyd are holding their first annual RV Builder Appreciation Fly-in and wanted me to share the invitation with you.  Hope to see you at breakfast Saturday.    



Young Eagles Rally / Cookout - Saturday, August 20th

Many thanks to:

  • Lee Wolford
  • Dub Wiltrout
  • Chris Woodard

for flying all 26 of our Young Eagles in May.  Planes were down for annual, some were down for repair and some pilots were  out of town. 


If you can fly this month, please let me know by email or call me at (719) 351-1640 as soon as you can.   Our plan has always been to have enough planes so that you are not making more than about 5 trips.  




For Sale:  Airport Home

Move into this home at 8015 Mallard Drive and taxi right to the runway.  The home comes with a 60' x 72' outbuilding for your planes.  See details with our other classifieds.  




These events have been added to the Events Calendar:



I'll be sending separate emails with information to share with you about our participation in the In Their Honor Air Show at Fort Carson and the Pubelo Museum Fun Day


In the meantime, hope you have all been flying or working on your projects and that we will see you at breakfast or at the meeting on Tuesday.