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Congratulations 2010 Award Recipients!


It was with a great deal of pride that we presented our 2010 awards to these

members as recognition for their contributions to our chapter over the past years.



Member of the Year - Richard Martin

Richard has been a member of EAA Chapter 72 for over 12 years. Shown here during the remodel of the hangar to convert the upstairs to a meeting room, he has always been there whenever we needed to get work done. We can always count on him to work before, during, and after events like the air shows at COS and the RMRFI with setup, service, and tear down. With Chapter 72, he has flown over 50 Young Eagles. While president and newsletter editor, he was instrumental in sharing an appreciation for the history of this chapter that continues today.


"Pete Gonzalez" Spirit of EAA Chapter 72 - John Lingwall

John has always been ready to step in and help when asked or when he sees a need. I'm not sure how many times he's been to the hangar to "fix" things like the furnace. He willingly accepted the role of EAA Chapter 72 Vice-President and Technical Counselor. Like Pete Gonzalez, whose name this award bares, John is a humble, quiet, man who contributes so much.


I'm sure some of you took advantage of his hay ride during the project tour in June 2010.


Young Eagles Advocate - Burrall Sanders

Burrall joins the list of pilots who have flown over 100 Young Eagles. He is active in all of the YE rallies, the special YE flights that are scheduled during the Summer Experience for the Aviation Education Foundation of Colorado, Inc, and individual flights. He's never too busy to take the time to "chat" with a young person and answer all of their questions. It's not unusual to hear "I want to fly in that" as the Cozy is taxiing to the ramp.


Burrall has also served as President and Technical Counselor for the chapter and has given many programs for you.


No person was ever honored for what he received.

Honor is given for what he gave.

-- Calvin Coolidge --


Chapter Meeting

Tuesday - April 19, 2011

Check in and visit: 6:30 PM

Program: 7:00 PM

Brian Walker - Fabric Covering


Brian has been recovering his Champ for about the last year and has volunteered to demonstrate covering his rudder at this April meeting.



Reminder: Reset your calendars!

The meeting schedule has reverted back to our regular day/times for the summer - 3rd Tuesday evening of the month.

See you next Tuesday !



I Survived Sun 'n' Fun

(Violent storm temporarily shuts down Sun 'n' Fun, AOPA Online)


Whew....Sun 'n' Fun turned out to be a disaster for some people. Weather stopped most of you from going but we do have this report from Pat Halloran.



"The wx was horrible en route and had to spend one night at Pine Bluff, AR and another at Gainesville, FL. Finally I got out of Gainesville about noon to Lakeland, although I landed at Plant City and left my plane there.  We had hotel rooms at Plant City so that made more sense to park there.  The storm was really something and the sight the next morning was awesome with banged up planes all over the place.  Mine didn't get a scratch.  The big mess was all the vendor tents, most of which went sailing and their products, food, etc headed for the East coast! 

It was amazing though how everyone pitched in and by noon most were up and running.  They hauled all the smashed planes over to the far east side of the field in one location, roped it off with security, and let the owners start taking things apart.  That left the main display areas looking pretty good. 

As usual, I had horrible winds coming home; spent one night in El Reno, OK.  Couldn't get out of there until 3 the next afternoon because of wild cross winds, and then on into here with winds and turbulence at ALL altitudes. 

I just added up some of my costs and my gas was about $950!!  Prices varied from $4.50 to $5.50.  Tie down at Plant City was $25 a night!!  The Holiday Inn rooms at Plant City were $195 a night.  Thank God my wealthy friend, Tom Wathen, covered all that.  He's the guy who owns those replica planes that I've gotten to fly, like the deHavilland Comet and Firecracker.  Those folks in business down there really know how to get to you when they have a captive audience.  In view of gas prices, commercial air looks pretty good for long trips."


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Young Eagle Rally - Saturday, April 23rd


Pilots logged 56 Young Eagle flights during our 2011 Kickoff Rally in March.





We intend to keep the numbers growing as we get ready to fly again on Saturday, April 23rd. Thanks to all the pilots above. We couldn't do it without some great ground support - Jim Densmore, Mike McCorkle, John Lingwall, Luke Billingsley, Benjamin Bookman and Steve Miller. Thanks to Esther Smith for a great lunch once again, and anyone I may have forgotten.


So, let's do it all again this month. If you can help with ground support, please come out at 7:00 AM to help with setup and get your work assignments.


Pilots please be available for the Pilot Briefing at 8:00AM - Review route, pilot guidelines, and sign paperwork.


Flights Launch at 8:30 AM


Thank you so much for your support of this very important and fun activity.


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AEFCO Students - Will Work To Fly


You've given them Young Eagle flights, you've worked with them at Young Eagle rallies or other chapter events like the In Their Honor air show last year, or the work party just last month. They are the young people learning to fly through the programs offered by the Aviation Education Foundation of Colorado (AEFCO) here at Meadow Lake Airport.


As summer is approaching, many of them are looking for work and they are not picky. If you have some yard or garden work at home that needs done or if you need help getting your hangar cleaned out or your plane washed and polished, please contact Richard Martin by phone 719-683-6587 (home), 719-352-5895 (cell) or email. They will do anything.


In addition, they are looking for expired SEC & WAC charts to develop wall planning charts. So, if you have any you'd like to get rid of let Richard know that too.


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May 2011


We'll be flying to the Pancake Breakfast in Westcliffe on May 14th.

Arrival time at Silver West Airport (C08) is planned for 8:30AM. (Details)


April 2011

Nothing to report for April. Salida was cancelled due to the weather but we'll put it back on schedule soon.


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These are announcements that you'll find on the new "Announcements" page:



Please take some time to review.

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Work Party - Saturday, April 30th - The shelving is up and loaded down with all kinds of stuff. The main room downstairs has been cleaned out with the exception of the desk. John Lingwall and Dub Wiltrout attached casters to the display case so we can move it in and out of the hangar has needed to sell merchandise. Luke Billingsley and Tyler Wilson from AEFCO joined us. Those young legs can crawl about anywhere. We did a lot of clean up, throw-out, big improvement. THANKS TO EVERYONE!


We still have a lot of work to do upstairs. Richard did reset and caulk some of the windows upstairs but we have a lot left to fix on the 30th.


Please email to let us know you'll come help and bring bring tools - hammers, drills, screw guns, etc.


We'll meet at the MLAA Hangar at 10:00 AM.


Event Display - You will remember that wood airplane that's been in the hangar and we frequently have to move out of the way? We want to turn that into a display that we can set out for the YE rallies and take to the air show. We need to do some restoration and painting. Let's put "EAA Chapter 72 - Young Eagles" on one side of the fuselage and "Aviation Education Foundation" on the other.


Some of you have already signed up to work on that and sign up sheets will be available at the next meeting.


Update: We're looking for someone to take the lead on this project.

If you are interested, please email.


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"For Sale"


Bendix/King KY97A radio. Checked out by a radio shop and was assured that it works fine. I will guarantee it to be in working order. This is a really nice Transceiver.  Radio can be bought new for @ $4000, used ones seen on Ebay sell for $1200. If interested, I would take $1000. This includes the plug and the box/tray that it slides into.
Old Cessna Transponder with altitude encoding device. Worth $400+, but negotiable.
Couple small Lathes - one is a 9 X 20, the other is a Smithy combination Lathe/Mill. If either interest you then please let me know. I can send more information and pictures.


Bud Silvers

719-598-6713 (home)

719-963-6824 (cell)



"Want to Buy"


I am interested in an older Aeronca, Luscombe, Piper or Taylorcraft, restored and in top condition; or a more recent used American Champion, Luscombe, Taylorcraft or RANS under $75K.  Must meet FAA criteria for Light Sport Aircraft.  If one of your members has such an aircraft for sale, please pass on my contact information.  I am a member of Ellsworth, Kansas Chapter 1127. 


Ron Chandler

2127 Melrose Lane

Salina, KS 67401






Click here to see all of the items for sale on our

"Classifieds" web page

as well as those items that are wanted.


Please review "Classifieds" web page and

advise of items that should be removed.


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The Voice of EAA Chapter 72

Meadow Lake Airport - Colorado Springs, Colorado