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Saturday, May 21st - Young Eagles and Learn To Fly

Adults: Talk with Flight Instructors about how you can "Learn To Fly"

Kids: Get a free airplane ride with a Young Eagle Pilot

Everyone: Stay and enjoy breakfast or lunch and watch the airplanes


EAA International Learn To Fly Day is being used to introduce local communities to how easy it is to get started flying - where they can learn and how much it will cost. Springs Aviation, Fly Colorado Ultralights, High Flights Soaring, and Aviation Education Foundation of Colorado, Inc. will be on site to present their programs. They will be available from 8:30 am - 3:00 PM.


You've probably received some information about chapters giving free rides to adults. Since we already had a Young Eagle Rally planned and young people signed up, I chose not to advertise adult flights. Those will be available only at the pilot's discretion.


Chapter Members: We'll also be cooking all day - pancake breakfast 8:30 - 10:30 am and then transition to lunch 11:30 am to 1:30 PM. We'll need lots of help to setup, prepare, cook, serve, and cleanup. EAA is doing the breakfast and AEFCO will cover lunch.


Young Eagles: Thanks to our pilots for logging 51 Young Eagle flights on April 23rd.

Jim Densmore

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This Saturday we need ground support help with setup starting at 7:00 AM. The Ground Support briefing will be at 7:30 am and we'll be assigning work roles.


The Pilot Briefing is scheduled for 8:00 am. We will launch flights by 8:30 am or as soon as pilots are ready after the briefing.


Please email or call me if you can help with breakfast or Young Eagles.


We look forward to a fun day as more people see what we do.


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Chapter Meeting

Tuesday - May 17th, 2011

Check in and visit: 6:30 PM

Program: 7:00 PM

Movie Night


Dr. Quay Snyder, Vitual Flight Surgeons, was trying to arange his schedule to meet with us this month but it was getting too tight after his return from Alaska on Monday. Later this summer we'll finalize arrangements to bring him back in October or November. So we thought we'd just get together and watch a film about flying. Come enjoy friends and have some popcorn and candy and "hangar fly" - almost as good as the real thing.


Thank you! to Brian Walker for last month's program. (More)



Reminder: Reset your calendars!

The meeting schedule has reverted back to our regular day/times for the summer - 3rd Tuesday evening of the month.

See you next Tuesday !




Great Rocky Mountain Canard Rendezvous (June 3,4,5, 2011)


Freeflight Composites, LLC announces that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 3-4-5 they will hold an open house and fly-in at their facility in Falcon, Colorado, on Meadowlake Airport (KFLY).  This will be an inaugural event.   All builders, flyers and interested folks including families are welcome to attend.   Camping with your airplane or Recreational Vehicle or tent is encouraged with bathroom and shower available. 


A ride to Colorado Springs lodging will be provided for those not wishing to camp.  Anyone arriving Friday and staying the night will be treated to an evening of food and attitude adjustment at Freeflight's and Burrall and Joyce’s home/ hanger.  Saturday morning there will be a fly-out breakfast to Salida Colorado (KANK), 30 minutes by EZ west of KFLY.


Anyone who wishes to participate should plan for a 9am arrival at Salida.  Ground transportation provided.  For those not coming to the fly-in on Friday, this would be a great place to meet up with the group and after breakfast, fly to KFLY for the festivities there. On Saturday there will be a mini composite workshop followed by a BBQ and bull session. Sunday is for departure.


Please come and help us celebrate the wonders of these great planes and the beauty of the Great Rocky Mountains. (Details) (RSVP)


Burrall Sanders




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Work Party - Saturday, April 30th - We got some great work done in the hangar last month - new shelving in the kitchen and storage room and a wall planning chart. Although we did not get everything done, we made some great progress. We appreciated the help from AEFCO students, Freddy Ford, Hunter Davis, Isaak Munsch and Isaak's dad, Jeff. Thanks to all who pitched in.


Back row: Tony Nesse, Jim Stanberry and Isaak Munsch, Bob Hall

Front row: Bill clothier, Vann Norred, Freddy Ford, Hunter Davis


Jeff (right) and Isaak (left) Munsch along with Brian Esch (center) layout shelves for the storage room.

Below Jim Geil, Brian Esch, Richard Martin and Bob Hall layout and install shelving in the kitchen.


Hope Esther loves it!


It's not shown, but Bob Hall and Brian Esch even got a start on painting over the green paid on the walls in the kitchen. We're not done but it's so much better. Thank you all for the helping hands.


Pilot's Lounge -


Everything has been moved out of the front room downstairs with the exception of the desk. Bill Clothier and Vann Norred affixed a planning chart to the wall upstairs and will do similar downstairs. We'll start making plans to set up the Pilot's Lounge in the next few months.


Event Display - You will remember that wood airplane that's been in the hangar and we frequently have to move out of the way? We want to turn that into a display that we can set out for the YE rallies and take to the air show. We need to do some restoration and painting. Let's put "EAA Chapter 72 - Young Eagles" on one side of the fuselage and "Aviation Education Foundation" on the other.


Some of you have already signed up to work on that and sign up sheets will be available at the next meeting.


Update: We're looking for someone to take the lead on this project.

If you are interested, please email.


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"For Sale"


Tailwind W-8 Owned for 17 years but not flown but hangared for 12 years. Lycoming 0-320 engine.

Asking price $12,000



Contact Larry Mercer 432-559-8146


Click here to see all of the items for sale on our

"Classifieds" web page

as well as those items that are wanted.


Please review "Classifieds" web page and

advise of items that should be removed.


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The Voice of EAA Chapter 72

Meadow Lake Airport - Colorado Springs, Colorado