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March Meeting - EAA Chapter 72 Turns 50!


Please come celebrate our time together at the meeting on Tuesday, March 20th, with the traditional spaghetti dinner in remembrance of K.D. Brooks and others. We'll have a variety of photos, stories, games, and prizes.


Check-in as usual at 6:30 PM with dinner at 7:00 PM.

Family and friends are welcome!


Take a few minutes to read the first documents that started it all:



2012 Young Eagle Kickoff Rally

Saturday, March 24th


It looks like we're due to have great weather for our kick-off and we should see many kids eager for their first flight. I know some of them return time and time again. The national says that's "ok". In fact, the more they return the more apt they may be to actually try to become a pilot themselves.


Pilots: please email me if you can fly. sWe'll load up passengers and launch flights by 8:30 AM or as soon after the Pilot Briefing scheduled for 8:00 AM as possible.


Ground Support: please email if you can help. You'll need to start arriving at 7:00 AM to set up signs and ropes for crowd control. A briefing at 7:30 AM will assign "jobs" for the event, lunch, and clean-up.







Time: Check in and visit: 6:30 PM

Program: 7:00 PM


April 17, 2012 - Tuesday


FSDO Visit - Brian Richardson, FAA Safety Team Program Manager, will be here to discuss a range of topics to include continued training for airmen and accident statistics. There has been some rumors that they will be visiting Meadow Lake this summer to observe operations and conduct ramp checks.


May 15 , 2012 - Tuesday


"I'm a PILOT, what do I care about satellites?" - Steve Miller


Today’s world of electronics and complex information systems are creeping into our beloved cockpits. Having a grasp on how some of these systems work and how they relate to pilots is important to safe air travel. This discussion will focus on GPS, how it works, what we as pilots need to know to keep ourselves out of trouble and how to help keep the system working.

Also included, will be an explanation of ADS-B technology, the new fangled (and expensive) 406 MHz transponders and why they’re both important in our aviation futures.


Thank you! to Joseph Jordan for last month's program. (More)


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State of Meadow Lake Airport
by Dave Elliott

Dave Elliott gave a short presentation about some of the new projects coming up for Meadow Lake to include:

  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Turf Runway Environmental Assessment
  • Fencing & Access Control
  • Taxiway Bravo Upgrade

You can read his recap.




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RV-1 Barnstorming Tour (May 30, 2012, Wednesday)


A tour of the restored Dick VanGrunsven's original RV-1 is planned to take place this spring and summer culminating in Oshkosh at AirVenture 2012. The plane is scheduled to arrive in Denver early afternoon of the May 30th. (Details)


More on Announcements" page:



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"For Sale"


Power Tow / 40 EZ

This worked great for my Mooney but needed a bigger one for the Cirrus.

New about $1500, I paid $1000 7 years ago - selling for $500

Contact Ricky Davidson (719) 495-6705.



Click here to see all of the items for sale on our

"Classifieds" web page

as well as those items that are wanted.


Please review "Classifieds" web page and

advise of items that should be removed.


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