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MLAA Summer 2011 Newsletter

Get all your Meadow Lake Airport news along with the most recent update status of various projects and Board activities. The referenced enclosures are: (1) Rule 11-01 – Overdue Annual Assessments and (2) 2011 Bylaw Revisions (Chg 6)

Access Meadow Lake Airport Property

Effective immediately, new gates on Falcon Hwy have been provided for access to the Southwest sections of airport property. The primary users at this time are High Flights Soaring Club. This pamphlet details the rules/regulations.

Balloon Launch

This is information for the Meadowlake Pilots and for the High Flights Soaring Club regarding the upcoming high altitude balloon launches associated with the Great Plains Super Launch (GPSL) to be held at the Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) July 27-30, 2011.  More details on this annual gathering of amateur balloon enthusiasts are on the web site.

The meeting culminates with a launch of balloons on Saturday, July 30.  The launch site is the PPCC Falcon Campus about 1.8 miles SW (245°  true) from the center of the Meadowlake Airport N-S runway.  The location of the launch site is shown by the red X here. We expect seven balloons (all exempt under FAR101) to be launched between 8:00AM  and 9:30AM MDT on July 30.  These balloons will rise at rates between about 500 and 1500 feet per minute as they drift to the east.  The balloons should exit the area within 5 to 10 minutes after release and will ascend to burst about 100,000 feet MSL and then descend under parachute to land 10 to 40 miles to the east a few hours after launch.

There will be a spotter near the north end of the Meadowlake Airport runway at the O&M Building just west of the runway, in radio contact with the launch site and will have knowledge of the balloon launch activity.    He will also be operating an Internet Gateway relaying balloon positions to the internet for real-time access by the participants and interested public.

If you click on "Nearby APRS activity" on the left, you will see a list of nearby stations and on July 30, the ones that have balloon icons will likely be associated with the GPSL balloon launch.  There are unlikely to be any balloons shown until July 30.  If you copy down any of these callsigns you are interested in and append them to the above URL, like this,


you can see the location of the launch site and that station, in this case the Black Forest VOR.  You can append as many stations as you wish, but you may have to zoom out to see them all.


Freeflight Composites, LLC (Burrall Sanders) and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty (Jim Irwin) have reached an agreement to work together to promote the Cozy design.  Freeflight Composites, LLC will bring a Cozy for display at six  Fly-ins each year.

Airventure, Sun n Fun, Columbia, Arlington, Rough River, Copperstate.  A Cozy will be on display and Burrall Sanders will be available to answer questions and provide static demonstrations of a Cozy.

In addition, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty and Marc Zeitlin have reached an agreement for Marc to provide Official Plans Support through telephone, email and snail mail as well as appearances at major flyins to promote the Cozy.  These two agreements were originally formulated and presented to Aircraft Spruce by Marc and Burrall working together.  All three entities are very excited and hopefully that their corroboration will re-energize the Cozy design and ensure its long term survival by engaging current builders and flyers and prospective builders through programs designed to encourage and enable them build and fly the Cozy aircraft.


Brian Richardson is the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Program Manager for Airworthiness/Operations in Colorado and Wyoming. The web site contains information that will be of interest to those involved in all aspects of aviation including Amateur-Built, Light Sport, and Sport Pilot Operations.

Additional information:

Contact Brian by email or phone him at (303) 342-1156.


American Air Campers Association announces an On-line Airport Guide & Flight Planner that features detailed information for over six hundred airports that welcome pilots and their families to camp on-field.  More are being added every week.  Visit their website.